Pediatric Tuina: Is this traditional Chinese message a good treatment for your children?


Paediatric Tuina Massage was developed since 2300 years ago and has survived the test of time, helping many adorable children get better. As we know, children do not fancy bitter TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) concoction nor painful injections, Paediatric Massage is a gentle way to help children regain their health. With the increasing recognition of preventive health by parents, like yourself, this relaxing and therapeutic approach has gained popularity and is widely accepted by children of all ages.

Since ancient times, this traditional treatment method has played an important role in both disease prevention and treatment of ailments. TCM Paediatric Massage relies on principles of TCM, and techniques performed are in strict compliance with clinical diagnosis. As a child has delicate and soft skin, different massage techniques are used compared to adult Tuina Massages. Children also have unique acupoints that consist of areas and linear points. We will be sharing some straightforward techniques that can be easily picked up by you to help with your child’s general wellness as well.

In 2015, the minister of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China issued an official document to re-introduce and promote the practice of pediatric tuina therapy, in an effort to reduce the current overuse of antibiotics in pediatric practice.

With the help of government, pediatric tuina quickly regained its popularity in the past few years. Its proven effectiveness, with no side effects, offers parents a safe and natural solution to help their kids thrive. Pediatric tuina is now easily accessible to the public and frequently practiced in hospitals, clinics, and by parents in China.

Pediatric tuina is used to treat 20 + common childhood health problems for children between 0 – 6 years old. Here is a list of what we treat often at our clinic:

  • Recurrent health problems: ear infection….
  • Respiratory: influenza/cold, cough, bronchiolitis, asthma, pneumonia;
  • Digestive system: vomiting, sensitivity, low appetite, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, stomach reflux;
  • Others: jaundice, colic crying, agitation, low immune system, fragile sleep, etc.

Pediatric Tuina is often used as a complementary treatment to accelerate recovery for various health problems and it is often used to maintain health and promote growth. Pediatric Tuina is an ideal approach for treating young children. Not only does it bring about great benefits, it is also a safe and efficient treatment. Paediatric Massage is not painful or harsh like Tuina massages usually done on adults – the techniques used are different due to differences in the physiology of children and adults.

In addition to the treatment of diseases, Paediatric Massage can also be used to strengthen the health and immunity of the child, improving their body constitution and increase the child’s resistance against diseases. Modern research has shown that Paediatric Massage has a positive effect on not only the physiological functions of the body but also the psychological functions as well, with a very strong effect on reducing anxiety in children.