Greetings everyone,


Please note the following COVID-19 update for February 3, 2021:


Clarification on daily COVID-19 health check requirement

Post-secondary institutions are required by WorkSafeBC to ensure that faculty and staff perform a daily COVID-19 health check before accessing campus.

  • Health checks are mandatory self-assessments that include confirmation with their employer, in written or verbal format, that they have reviewed the complete list of entry requirements included on WorkSafeBC’s COVID-19 Entry Check poster and that none of the prohibited criteria apply to them.
  • Employers can use a number of methods that best suit their operations to confirm that the self-assessment has taken place, including a verbal check in (in-person, virtually or by phone) or email.
  • Institutions are encouraged to post the Entry Check poster at all entrances.
  • Questions about daily COVID-19 health screening requirements should be directed to WorkSafeBC.


Anyone who is feeling ill or has had potential exposure to COVID-19 should stay home and get tested in accordance with the Provincial Health Officer guidance.

  • The BC COVID-19 Self-assessment Tool can help determine whether further assessment or testing for COVID-19 is required.  The Ministry of Health advises that the tool is not to be used to determine suitability to attend/return to work or school.
  • The COVID-19 Go-Forward Guidelines for BC’s Post-Secondary Sector will be updated to align with this direction.


Thank you for the important role you play in supporting the provincial COVID-19 response. Please share this update broadly within your respective institutions.


COVID-19 Resources:

  • COVID-19 Go-Forward Guidelines for BC’s Post-secondary Sector are hosted on the Ministry’s public website.
  • Guidance and recommendations from the Provincial Health Officer are available online at the COVID-19 Provincial Support and Information website.
  • If you require advice regarding a potential COVID-19 case, please contact your local Medical Health Officer.