We can now get back to work… are you ready?

We can get back to work…are you ready?

Salons, spas, and barbershops are allowed to reopen since the order to close was lifted by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), meaning everyone may open on May 19th. This was a key ask by the BeautyCouncil and BC Barbers’ Association from the beginning – to allow all sectors of the industry return to work in a safe way before the original May 30th date.

With many provinces now planning to allow the reopening of salons, spas and barbershops, business owners across Canada are looking for different ways to navigate the health hazards, including added financial costs, and providing services that involve close contact with others during covid-19.

It’s supposed to be kind of a little luxury to go get your service, Just what needs to get done is going to be done and that’s it.”

Some of the small joys of going to the salons, spas and barbershops will be sacrificed due to the risk of spreading the virus. In some salons, spas and barbershops, walk-in customers may be required to check the temperature. While they usually offer customers a drink to sip and a magazine to leaf through, neither will be permitted. Stylists will all wear gloves, gowns, masks and face shields.

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When salons, spas and barbershops are given the green light, they’re expecting huge crowds of people who’ve been dealing with shaggy hair and dark roots for weeks now. Stylists say that it’s nice to see that people want us and appreciate our services, and customers say that they are looking forward to getting back to get one.

As you get ready to open your doors, we’ve prepared a regularly updated document to help you navigate the many details that might seem confusing or missing in detail.

Find that article Here, and stay tuned as updates are added.