[Ultimate Palace of Manicurist] Japan JNA Nail Technician Examiner Recruitment

East West College is the only designated training organization for JNA nail exam registration in North America. The deadline for JNA Nail instructor training registration is approaching

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【Ultimate Palace of Manicurist】Becoming a certified examiner and certified lecturer of the world’s authoritative nail certificate association should be the best development destination for every nail artist and technician.

Every year, more and more manicurists are eager to get the corresponding nail art certification and learn what is authentic Japanese nail art. But unfortunately, in this industry, there are really few people who insist to the extreme. At present, Canada needs people who really love nail art and want to study deeply the nail arts. Especially in Canada, there is currently no JNA certified examiner, which is particularly heartbreaking.
Therefore, East West College appeals to our friends to join us and become a real manicurist!

【The benefits of becoming a JNA certified examiner】
1.The domestic JNA nail exams are held 3 or 4 times a year, and each sub-examination area will evaluate you as an examiner to participate (with labor fees). This is a very good opportunity to gain resources.
2.After becoming an examiner, you are eligible to be admitted as a “JNA Lecturer”, you can be taught by the top Japanese teachers of the Japan JNA Association, and formally become a certified lecturer of the JNA Association, and you can have the opportunity to teach in Canada, Japan, and China.
3.Grasp the more cutting-edge nail industry fashion trends faster, and have more opportunities to communicate with the big names in the industry.
4.Very powerful advertising for customers, students, and shops.

✨ A certification = A title = A kind of trust
✨ Certified examiner becomes a member of JNA Association
✨ Certified lecturers can participate in technology update courses
✨ Hold the examiner card to enjoy Japan TAT discount
🖤 🖤Let’s do something together to contribute to the development of nail art!

If you want to inquire , please scan the QR code below, and friends are welcome to ask questions

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