2021-10-27(周三) 2:30-4:30 pm East West College 中西学院-万圣节特效化妆发型免费公开课

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At 2:30-4:30 pm on October 27th (Wednesday), in 210-1610 Robson St., Vancouver,there will be #eastwestcollege #fxmakeup #halloween makeup & hairstyle open demo class, #hollywood famous instructor team of East West College will bring the world’s top makeup and hairstyle techniques, using #two-teachers on-line and in-class teaching method. Online instructor from Hollywood LA, live demonstrations by four famous instructors and joint teaching by Chinese and English tutors, hands-on instruction to ensure students master the skills. East West College’s Comprehensive Aesthetics Therapist Diploma Program limit time offers advanced media and Hollywood special effects makeup courses and provides job opportunities for graduated students in special effects makeup in movies, crews, evenings, performances, etc. Graduated students have the opportunity to get a high-paying job. Welcome everyone to consult and register.
Zoom:  88152727553   Password: 279523

In Class;in 210-1610 Robson St., Vancouver,underground free parking;first 10 students get free practice materials.

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Phone number: 7788636226

10月27日(周三)2:30-4:30pm, 在温哥华Downtown Robson 街210-1610, 中西学院East West College #万圣节 特效化妆发型免费公开课,#中西学院 East West College#好莱坞 特效化妆知名导师团队带来世界顶尖化妆术和发型技术,采用#双师教学法,线上线下同时进行,一位线上名师来自美国好莱坞,还有四位来自温哥华的名师现场演示、中文英语导师联袂教学,手把手教到会。中西学院East West College全科综合美学文凭限时赠送高级媒体、好莱坞特效化妆课程,为毕业生提供在电影、剧组、晚会、演出等特效造型化妆提供就业机会,毕业生有机会高薪就业,欢迎大家咨询报名。
Zoom地址:88152727553    密码: 279523

课堂地址:温哥华Downtown Robson 街210-1610,免费地下停车,前10名学生有免费的练习材料

WeChat: eastwestcollege