2021-09-22 7:00-9:00 pm-East West College中西学院公开课-美睫款式操作直播课程

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路人和明星往往只差一个睫毛的距离。9月22日(周三)7:00pm.-9:00pm.,中西学院讲师、可搓洗睫毛嫁接创始人、羽绒水洗眉创始人、韩国IME半永久亚洲(中国)特授技术讲师、日本JNA一级认证美甲师、日本CPMA一级认证美睫师、国家高级化妆师、世界小姐明星纹绣师、韩国K-Beauty 国家半永久大赛评判长,Mona老师将通过Zoom,带来一堂精彩的“美睫款式操作公开课”直播课程

Passersby and celebrities are often only one eyelash away. On September 22 (Wednesday), from 7:00pm. To 9:00pm., the lecturer of East West College,the founder of Scrubbable and Washable Eyelash Grafting, the founder of Washable Eyebrow Microblading, Korean IME Semi-Permanent Asia (China) Special Technical Lecturer,  Japan JNA the highest level certified nail technician, Japan CPMA the highest level certified eyelash artist, National senior makeup artist, Miss World star tattoo artist, South Korea K-Beauty National Semi-Permanent Contest judge, Mona will bring a wonderful ” Open Class on Eyelash Style Practice” through Zoom.